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Kyorugi - Wednesday Means Fight Day


Anyone who starts courageously in the Dojo Kyorugi will experience it in a unique way. 

The Dojo is a place where body and mind are often challenged in a chaotic way to gain a deeper understanding of themselves.
The teacher is not always a friend.
He often forces the student to happiness, addressing directly what is needed for development, following the laws of nature.
The training may feel unfair and inhospitable.
But that's life. Budo is life. It is not an art form designed to protect people from the harshness of life; it is rather a place that strengthens bravery and stamina to survive and overcome obstacles.
Welcome to The Grind!

The training of Martial Arts Taekwondo puts body and mind on a plane of the highest presence and attention.
Kyorugi is the fast, responsive and powerful part in Taekwondo. Full contact mode in this case means strike and kick combination protected by breast, elbow, shin, foot and hand protectors.
Combined strength, coordination and endurance units, sparring, concept, methods characterize the full contact training and the Martial artist.

The Kyorugi Group participates in at least three state tournaments to give its most qualified fighters the opportunity to compete with other club fighters.

We are constantly looking for those who increase our diversity, competence and group size.

We want you!

Each Wednesday from 8:00PM to 10:00PM
Großsporthalle Rüsselsheim
Evreuxring 31
65428 Rüsselsheim am Main

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